Tactics are probably the hardest thing to learn, and it is very easy to make an error of judgement. Play with experienced players that can give good tactical advice and discuss why you should try a certain shot. Eventually you will start to think tactics and your game will improve with the bonus of winning more points.

Many players suffer from the idea that a boule close to the jack is a well played boule, the opponent doesn’t need to decide whether to shoot or point, it will be shoot.

A boule within half a metre of the jack might be consider ‘close’ and many a game has been lost trying to get closer to the jack, it’s often more important just to beat the opponents’ boule.

Getting close to the jack can lead to all sorts of mistakes, knocking the jack onto the opponents’ boule, leaving an easy, open shot.

Rolling shots are more likely to be deflected off course, but it’s important to remember that you only have to get closer to the jack, not necessarily close to it.

It’s easy to get into a lazy, “rolling” style of play, become a shooter that can point, if pointing try using the lob much more than roll, the boule doesn’t roll as far on the terrain. It is thus less affected by irregularities in the terrain.

Think tactically, don’t just play all your boules and then let your partners play theirs. Should you shoot or point? Can you get more points by shooting a second or third boule rather than just pointing. As an experiment, try playing with a nominated pointer and shooter, the pointer must always point, the shooter must always shoot. It does make you think a little more about tactics.

If a boule needs shooting, shoot it, If you play more boules closer to the target boule, you may find the target more difficult to hit if it is surrounded by your own boules.

The view from the circle is often deceptive, have one player at the jack clearly shouting or pointing to show which boule is on.

Playing against different and better players will help improve your game.

The jack must be thrown from 6 to 10 metres. Learn to measure metre steps and make sure you are not playing outside these limits.


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