Application Forms

Visitors who are trying the game out at a club meeting are most welcome.
It is very important that all visitors be recorded in order to be covered by the
Clubs insurance for that day.
The club must ensure that the participant’s name, contact details and dates
of visits are recorded as these will be required in the event of a claim being made.
Once someone has tried the game and chosen not to become a member they are not covered

If you are interested, want to learn how to play or fancy giving the game a try come along and
have a go at a 'Come and Try' session. Just fill the form and bring it along on your next visit.


Members can bring along relatives and friends, who would not normally become members,
to our practice sessions.
On filling the ‘Visitor form’ for insurance cover their first visit will be free, then 3 further
visits can be made for the rest of that year at a charge of £1.00 per visit.



Membership from January 1st to December 31st, is only £12.00 , whether you play 3 times a week or once a year the cost is the same.