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Our next competition is the Autumn Doubles on Saturday September 24th. Details nearer the time.

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Aldeburgh Carnival 13/14/15 August

London Petanque Championship at Crystal Palace TBC/TBA

Summer Singles Challenge Competition (2022)

Many of our regulars are away at the moment, leaving just 10 to battle it out.
A random draw put us into two leagues, and we played all the others in our league over 7 ends.

In League 'A' Mark Tembey was 3rd with 2 wins, Lorraine was the runner up with 2 wins and a draw, and Janet was the winner with 3 wins.

In League 'B' Graham was 3rd on 2 wins, Peter was runner up with 3 wins, and John Adams (defending champion) won it with a clean sweep.

In the final John played well, his shooting was paying dividends, and he won comfortably. Congratulations to John on the defence of his trophy.

Special mention should be made of Mark Tembey, as he has been playing for just a couple of weeks but managed to take the scalp of two experienced opponents.

During the afternoon 5 more members came along to spectate and support is, and it was lovely to see Joan Guest and Babs Doncaster, two original members from over 30 years ago.

During our final the councils played their annual match. Two relatively experienced players represented the Town against two novices from the District.
Unsurprisingly the Town won comfortably. The score is now 16 wins to the Town and 15 to the District.

After the presentation of the trophy and prizes by Mary Sartin, Chair EFDC, we enjoyed a splendid tea party in the Jack Silley pavilion.
My thanks to Janet for looking after the catering arrangements, and to Lorraine and Brenda for providing us with their excellent bread puddings.

The next event is at Hanbury on Sunday July 17th, when we have 8 teams participating in a big doubles competition with a total of 32 teams from six clubs. If you're not entered, do come and support us (2 for spectators to include all day soft drinks and snacks).

Epping Ongar Challenge (2022)

The home leg of the Epping Ongar Challenge was played yesterday evening at Stonards in fine warm conditions. The fresh top layer for the piste, long promised by the council, has yet to materialise. Without it the surface plays very fast making it difficult to adjust to. Nevertheless our opponents coped with it surprisingly well, and we were hard pushed to keep up with them.

We played the format of 4 teams of mixed triples on each side, each team playing all of the opponents over 8 ends to contain the timing.

Out of the 16 games, Epping won 8 and Ongar won 8. Epping scored a total of 118 points, and Ongar 120.

Well done to Janet, John Adams and Chris for winning all 4 of their games. Another of our teams won 2 games, and the others just one each.

Many thanks to Marion for providing an excellent selection of piste-side refreshments which were enjoyed by all.

Afterwards we entertained our visitors to a drinks party in the Garnon Bushes, before somewhat wearily making our way home!

The scores are carried forward to the away leg, planned for Sunday October 2nd, and will plan a practice session at Ongar terrain towards the end of September to refamiliarise ourselves with its characteristics.

George Durno Doubles Competition (2022)

The George Durno Doubles was played at Hanbury in mild and pleasant conditions.
The 14 entries were drawn at random into 7 teams, playing 7 rounds to complete the league.

The final result was very close, with three teams each winning 4 of their 6 matches.
In third place were Graham and Peter Giblin on +8, runners-up were Brenda and John Adams (+9), and the winners Jill and Ashley (+10).

After our secretary Janet had made the presentation of the trophy and prizes, we adjourned for a picnic lunch.

Ongar Town Festival (2022)

I am sure you would like to hear about the (mixed!) fortunes of our teams playing in the Ongar competition on Sunday.

There were 40 doubles teams partaking, including 17 players from our club. Two were teamed up with members from other clubs, and Peters partner was his son-in-law Gerry. Gerry and Peter won the competition in its first two years 2018/9.

Being a much bigger affair this year, and with some seriously strong teams in the mix, it was interesting to see how we got on.

The 40 teams were initially split into 10 leagues of 4, and played each of the 3 other teams in their league to decide who would go into the Gold, Silver, Bronze or Copper knock-out sections after lunch. Games were played over 7 ends, and the league positions were determined by accumulated points difference (not by number of wins).

Congratulations to Lorraine and John (team Jonlo), and Patricia and Peter G (team Jolly), who both won their leagues to progress to the Gold section. Jonlo lost in the quarter-final, and team Jolly lost to the eventual champions.

Gerry and Peter (the Invinciboules) won all 3 of their league games comfortably but nevertheless finished up in Silver, along with Brenda and David T (Davenda). Both reached the semis where they were knocked out.

Marion and John (Les Jolies) reached the semis in the Bronze section, where Janet and Graham (All at Sea) lost in the quarter-final.

Playing in the Copper section, Jill and Ruby (generation Gap) and Lynda and Lyn T (L Squared) lost in the quarters.

Bearing in mind we do not pretend to be the most competitive of clubs, I think we can say that we gave the other teams a good run for their money. And our newer and less experienced players acquitted themselves very well against some very tough opposition. It was good to see so many of us getting involved and enjoying the day.

In conclusion I have to say a big 'Thank You' to Carolyn and John Adams for their tireless work over much of the year to set up the festival and petanque competition. along with the many helpers involved on the day.

I'm sure we'll all be back again next year, and perhaps one of us will regain the trophy.

Ted Burton Triples Competition (2022)

The Ted Burton Triples was played at Hanbury in benign conditions. The 5 teams were drawn at random, and played each other in one league to determine their final positions.

Three teams all scored two wins apiece, with third place going to Brenda, Janet & Geoff (+ 6 points).
The runners up were Marion, Lorraine & John Adams (+7).
The winning team managed a clean sweep, winning all of their matches. Graham, Colin and Peter played very well as a team, with Colin pointing accurately, Graham shooting consistently, leaving Peter to tidy up on the rare occasions that it was necessary.

Winter Challenge Competition (2022)

The Winter Challenge was played in ideal conditions, although the piste itself was tricky, being very hard and gritless with hard packed stony patches. Consistently precise pointing was virtually impossible.

13 players entered the competition, playing in two leagues. In League A defending champion Graham got off to a strong start, earning 2 wins and 1 draw after 3 rounds. Peter was just ahead on 3 wins.
In League B Andrew was on 3 wins after 3 rounds, with Charlie in pursuit on 2 wins. Ultimately Peter won League A and Andrew won League B, neither dropping a game.

In the final Andrew pointed accurately and consistently, and although the game stayed close initially he scored a 3 in the 4th end with all his boules within a few inches of the jack, and after that Peter couldn't catch him.

After President John had presented the trophy and prizes, we adjourned to Julie's cafe in the pavilion where several family supporters joined us for tea and cake in the warm afternoon sunshine.

It's good to see a new name on the trophy, and congratulations to Andrew for playing so well on the difficult surface.
Incidentally the council have promised to re-grit the terrain in the near future which should help us lesser mortals to perform rather better.

Epping Ongar Challenge (2021)

We travelled to Ongar for the away leg of the Epping Ongar Challenge, playing for the Robert Weston Memorial Trophy.

The home leg was played at Hanbury in June, the result being 8.5 points to Ongar and 7.5 to Epping.
Today's result is added to it for the final result.

After a practice session at Ongar recently, we hoped to make a good showing today. Regrettably this was not the case and we were well beaten again, Epping scoring 3 wins to Ongar's 13.

There is no obvious reason for it, as often their players come unstuck on the highly awkward terrain. Unfortunately we struggled just that bit more.

It is noticeable that they have a regular contingent of team players with an average age at least 10 years younger than ours - possibly another advantage (but hopefully not).

Initially the competition was set up around teams of 6 players a side. Then both clubs had more players wanting to play, so we agreed to change the format to 4 triples teams i.e. 12 players a side. Could this be to our detriment?

We won the trophy for the first 5 years, but have now lost it for the last 5 years. So the competition stands at 5 - all. Perhaps more practice on the Ongar terrain could improve our chances there, and we should look to do this next year.

Autumn Doubles Competition (2021)

The Autumn Doubles was played today in benign conditions albeit disappointingly cloudy.
A lot of our regular players are away at the moment, but nevertheless 7 teams competed.

As usual each team played all the others, taking 7 rounds of play to complete the round-robin. Each round was played over 7 ends.

The reigning champions Lorraine and John Mead got off to a poor start, losing their first two matches, but thereafter won all their games.

After five rounds of play, two other teams were also on 3 wins (Janet & John Adams and Brenda & Graham) with Patricia and President John on two wins and a draw.

In the sixth round Lorraine & John and Janet & John both notched up another win, but in the final round neither of them improved their position.
Meanwhile Patricia & John lost their sixth round but won in the last round.

In the final reckoning Lorraine & John were on 4 wins (points diff +1) which made them runners-up, with Janet & John on 4 wins (+19) as our 2021 champions.
Well done to Patricia & John who were in third place with 3 wins 1 draw (+5).
A good day for the Johns!

After the presentation of the trophy and prizes we all enjoyed a well earned cup of tea with two lovely homemade cakes from Marion and Lorraine.
And our thanks also to Janet and Brenda for looking after the tea party.

That completes our in-house competitions for the year.
It just leaves us with one more main event, the away leg of the Epping Ongar Challenge on Sunday October 3rd.

Gardens of Hanbury

From Wednesday 1st April regular play will change to a Wednesday, with Thursday as a backup reserve day. If there is a bad forecast for the Wednesday then play will be on Thursday.
This is for Members only and there is a fee of 3.00 per person which includes the donation to the Charitable Trust and for teas/coffees/biscuits.
Please bring your own packed lunch

Hanbury Autumn Doubles

The Hanbury Autumn Doubles was played in decent weather conditions, if a little cool by the end.
With 32 teams competing (7 from Epping) we were playing initially in 8 leagues of 4.
League winners went on to the Main competition, and runners-up to the Plate.

Our most successful team was 'Farrarandaway' (Graham and Janet) who won their league. 3 other Epping teams were runners-up. Unfortunately of the 4 teams who progressed into the knockout stages - that's what happened! Nevertheless there were some extremely close well fought games and we were unlucky not to see at least one of our teams reach a final. We were never outplayed.

The organisation behind a competition of this size is tremendous, and once again we have to congratulate Carolyn on putting it all together, Our thanks also to many others for helping on the day. Firstly to Tony & Maureen Clark for stepping in at the last minute to replace a team who had been forced to withdraw due to sickness. Then to the lads (mainly John M and Graham) for getting there early to set up the pistes.
Later in the day Lorraine produced 3 beautiful cakes and Essex's finest bread pudding - all put away in a matter of minutes!


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