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FIPJP Official Rules

The recent update of the FIPJP rules take effect from Ist January 2017
The amendments are high-lighted in blue

Official FIPJP Rules 2017

Next Event

Our next event is the Winter Challenge which will be played on Saturday 28th March.
This competition, depending on the number of entries, usually commences with a series of leagues, then a Final.

Play will commence at 1.30 pm sharp, but please arrive for registration by 1.15 pm.
There is an entry fee of £1 to cover some of the outlay for the event.

Hanbury Autumn Doubles

The Hanbury Autumn Doubles was played in decent weather conditions, if a little cool by the end.
With 32 teams competing (7 from Epping) we were playing initially in 8 leagues of 4.
League winners went on to the Main competition, and runners-up to the Plate.

Our most successful team was 'Farrarandaway' (Graham and Janet) who won their league. 3 other Epping teams were runners-up. Unfortunately of the 4 teams who progressed into the knockout stages - that's what happened! Nevertheless there were some extremely close well fought games and we were unlucky not to see at least one of our teams reach a final. We were never outplayed.

The organisation behind a competition of this size is tremendous, and once again we have to congratulate Carolyn on putting it all together, Our thanks also to many others for helping on the day. Firstly to Tony & Maureen Clark for stepping in at the last minute to replace a team who had been forced to withdraw due to sickness. Then to the lads (mainly John M and Graham) for getting there early to set up the pistes.
Later in the day Lorraine produced 3 beautiful cakes and Essex's finest bread pudding - all put away in a matter of minutes!

Epping Ongar Challenge

Lucky with the weather today - not so lucky on the piste! Although we took a small advantage to Ongar from the home leg in June, it wasn't enough and we lost in total by 5 games (13.5 to 18.5).
In fact we did marginally better at Ongar than last year which is encouraging, but we have to do better at home to stand a chance of regaining the trophy.
The tally is now 5 wins to Epping and 3 to Ongar.
We have heard that the Ongar terrain is to be dug up and relaid which will hopefully make it easier for us next year.

Autumn Doubles Competition

The Autumn Doubles was played in breezy but generally fine conditions, 12 players
(6 teams) taking part. More by chance than intent the teams were all mixed.

The Meads (Lorraine & John) could manage only a draw in their first round against Brenda & Graham, but then had 3 good wins and appeared to be virtually unstoppable.
However Ann & Joel had other ideas and in the fifth and final round managed to beat them by 1 point.

Joan, playing with Peter, was in good form and had a big win in the first round against Ann & Joel. Unfortunately they lost their way for a couple of rounds, but still finished on 3 wins.

Ann & Joel finished on 3 wins and a draw, but surprisingly had a deficit of -7 points.

After 3 rounds Janet & John Adams had won 2 games and lost 1, and then drew their 4th round game against Ann & Joel.
However they were then on +20 points difference, and on winning their final round comfortably came out as the overall winners.

The trophy and prizes were then presented to them.
Hopefully Janet will be taking good care of the trophy while John circumnavigates the Iberian peninsular!

That concludes our internal club competitions for the year, but we still have the away leg of the Epping Ongar Challenge to play, and the Hanbury Gala Day later in October.

London Petanque Club

London Petanque Club has announced their plans for next year’s competition at Crystal Palace Park.

Building on the success of another great event last year, they are now moving to a full weekend of competition, with Triples on Saturday 13 June and Doubles on Sunday 14 June.
There is guaranteed prize money of over £11,000 to be won!

They hope you will be able to join them for the entire weekend – although you can come for just one day if you prefer.

They have also taken the process completely online so follow the link below to get all the details, register, pay and take advantage of some fantastic deals on local accommodation


Please sign up right away as numbers are strictly limited and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis

Billericay Competition

For the second year our teams performed really well, the 2 doubles teams and 2 triples each succeeded in winning 3 of their 4 games. So out of 16 games we won a total of 12.

Epping therefore won the team competition, Billericay winning 7 of their games and Ongar 5 of theirs.

Despite being the overall winners, none of our doubles or triples teams won the individual prizes, mainly because we won our games by quite small margins. The games we lost were by quite large margins.

The organisation was excellent and once again we were able to use the adjacent bowls clubhouse for teas/coffees and cakes.
When it rained we were able to take our coffee break inside before emerging to continue the competition in the sunshine.

Well done to Ray Doughty and our thanks to the Billericay ladies.

Summer Singles Challenge Competition

On what turned out later to be quite a wet afternoon, 12 members entered the summer singles competition. Two leagues of 6 players were drawn randomly and the 5 rounds were played to 8 ends each.

In league A after 4 rounds John Pretty (+4 pts) and John Adams (+14) were on 3 wins each, being pursued by Janet on 2 wins (+8).
In the last round John A outsmarted himself in the mud!! and was soundly beaten by Janet.
Meanwhile John P had a good win, so went through to the final with 4 wins.

In league B after 4 rounds Jill (+5) and Derek (+8) were both on 3 wins, with Anne & Tony on 2 wins.
In the last round Jill lost, but Derek managed a draw so earned himself a place in the final.

Up until this point it had remained dry, but now the rain started again and was looking to get heavier, so it was decided to play our final and the councils' match at once and before tea.

In our final president John's experience proved too much for Derek and John had a comfortable win.

In the councils' match it was suggested, after they had been playing for about 20 minutes and the rain was getting heavier, that with the score level at 2 points each this could be a good moment to agree to reduce the winning score.
They would hear none of it saying they wanted to battle it out to the very end! After nearly an hour they were locked horns at 12 all, whilst everyone watching forgot how wet they were in the tenseness of the moment.

In the last end the District held 3 decent points but were out of boules. Mayor Grahame Scruton played a better point with his first boule and so the Town were victorious by the finest of margins.

This means that over the 29 matches they have played, the district now lead by 15 to 14.

After tea Helen Kane, vice-chair EFDC, presented the councils' trophy to mayor Grahame and his playing partner deputy mayor Michael Wright. Grahame then presented the Stan & Ida Burrows plate to John Pretty.

The councillors were very pleased with all the arrangements we had put in place, and special thanks must go to both Janet and Lorraine for making the tea party such a success.
Thanks also to the lads who helped set up and dismantle the piste & bunting, and to the ladies for wrapping up the kitchen so promptly as we were running rather late.

Epping Ongar Challenge

The good news is that we just got the better of Ongar in Wednesday's match, coming away with 8 wins and a draw (points for 111) against Ongar's 7 wins and a draw (101 points).

The bad news - it's not until we add this score to the scores on the away leg in October that the final result is declared.

We never find the Ongar terrain easy and they have a distinct advantage there.

A round-robin between each side's 4 teams of triples was completed, each game being played over 8 ends.
Our 4 teams all won at least one game each, but 2 teams excelled.
Team D (Brenda, David and Peter G) had 3 wins and 1 lost, rather surprisingly points -1.
Our stars were Team C (Janet, John M and Graham) who finished with 3 wins and one draw (+19). Each of them played to a very high standard, and adapted really well to the soggy/flooded conditions. Regrettably more than can be said for the Epping captain, but he was bailed out admirably by his partners Lorraine and Derek!

The weather let us down, the expected clearance failing to turn up. However the rain did stop and being humid and windless it was actually quite comfortable. Half way through we stopped for a short break, when Lorraine's bread pudding disappeared in minutes. A perfect recipe for a dank evening. Finishing play at 9.30pm we took our visitors to the Garnon Bushes where we had time for some socialising.

The away leg is scheduled for the morning of Sunday October 6th.
The Ongar players have been to Epping for some practice on our terrain, it might be worth us doing the same at Ongar shortly before the away match.

George Durno Doubles Competition

For various good reasons the entry for the George Durno Doubles was rather reduced. Nevertheless 4 doubles teams played a round-robin and the last few minutes were very tense.
Going into the final round Marion and Chris were on 2 wins (+9 points) playing against David and John A on 1 win (+2).
Brenda and Tony on 1 win (-6) playing against (no wins!) John P and Peter.
John P and Peter beat Brenda and Tony, so the winners would be from the other match.
It was a close shave, because David & John won, but by only 2 points.
So the eventual winners were Marion and Chris.
In fact Marion had been pointing exceptionally well (pin point accuracy) all afternoon and Chris was on form with his shooting. This made them a very strong pairing and they certainly deserved to win.

We were very pleased to have George's wife Kim come and support us, watching the entire competition and presenting the trophy at the end.

Ted Burton Triples Competition

Fifteen members registered for the competition and 5 teams were drawn at random.

A complete round-robin was played over 5 rounds, each team playing the other 4. The matches were restricted to 8 ends each, taking exactly 30 minutes.

After 4 rounds Team B (Linda, Jill & Graham) were on 3 wins (+11 pts), Team C (John Pretty, Joan & Chris) were on 2 wins (+5), and Team D (Janet, John Adams & Peter L) were on 2 wins (+11).

In the final round teams B & C came up against each other, Team C scoring a big win to finish with 3 wins (+14).
However Team D had a big win over Team E, and finished on 3 wins (+19) to claim victory.

After the draw Joan showed us a picture of Ted which she had brought with her, and told us a little about him. It was Ted with Barry Lucas and Mike Pegg who translated the FIPJP rules from the French into English and interpreted them into usable rules for the British Petanque Association. The BPA became the English Petanque Association in 2005 and is now Petanque England.
Joan told us he was a bit of a loaner but nevertheless had 7 children!! If you look on the Petanque England website you will see that he appears on their honours board.

Winter Challenge Competition

On a mild and windless afternoon 23 members competed in the Winter Challenge and one of our relatively new members pulled out all the stops to come through and win the Shield.

With last year's winners Tom & Caroline playing as one it made up 2 leagues of 10 and 12 players, with places being drawn at random.

League A (10 players) and League B (12 players) played alternately for 4 rounds each, games being restricted to 8 ends.

In League A Karen finished on 3 wins (points diff +8), with David on 3 wins (+13) to earn his place in the final.

In League B 6 players finished on 3 wins, so it was again decided on points difference.
Runner-up in the league was Brenda on +14 points, but Graham edged into the lead with +15 points to make it to the final.

In the final Graham played extremely well to get ahead 7-2 with just one end to play, at which point David conceded.

Congratulations must also go to Brenda and Karen on their fine performances which, on another occasion, would have been good enough to put them into the final.

Gardens of Hanbury

From February 20th regular play continues at 10am every Thursday until 10th December
This is for Members only and there is a fee of £3.00 per person which includes the donation to the Charitable Trust and for teas/coffees/biscuits.
Please bring your own packed lunch

Hanbury Gala

Once again we were able to take full advantage of excellent playing conditions, and generally Epping teams got on well.

Carolyn had come up with an interesting format whereby winning teams 'moved to the right' of the score sheet, and losing teams moved to the left. This kept us all in play throughout the day until the finals, with a coffee break after 2 rounds, then a lunch break break in the middle of the competition with more rounds and the finals in the afternoon. All games were played to 8 ends.

Epping had 5 teams playing out of the 14 in the event, and finished with 2 teams playing each other in the Final of the main competition and another team reaching the Final of the 'plate' competition.

So it was John Pretty, Marion & Janet playing against Linda, Graham and Peter.
Despite a suggestion that if the result went the wrong way Graham might have to sing for his supper, nevertheless this didn't put him off his stride and he continued his excellent form. Linda had played a tactical game all day, and Peter just brought up the rear.
This formula worked again, and although all our results had been extremely close, we managed to win again.
It was very encouraging to see both Janet and Graham reaching the final of their first tournament - congratulations to them both.

In the plate Final, Tony, Rea and Ken (borrowed from Ongar) just missed out on the last end to be runners-up.

Carolyn then presented the prizes, assisted by our president John Pretty.

Following the prize-giving there was a sumptuous spread for tea, and special thanks must go to Linda who had baked two lovely cakes for the occasion.

Our thanks go to Carolyn for yet again organising a great day, this time involving 4 clubs. After covering all costs the surplus will provide a generous donation for the Don Miller Charitable trust.


Become a member from January 1st to December 31st, it's only £12.00, whether you play 3 times a week or once a year the cost is the same.