Guidelines for practise games

Although our practise sessions are a social event members should observe the rules of petanque, so that they become familiar and you don't develop bad habits.

If you arrive late and others are in the middle of their game, unless invited to join them, itís only fair to let them finish their game, why not make yourself useful and offer to referee.

If youíve finished a game and others are waiting to play, better to regroup and include the waiting players rather than play another game.

If youíre playing ď3 singlesĒ and another player arrives, ďcall it a drawĒ and play doubles.

Take it in turns to throw out the jack.

Agree with your team what shot youíre going to play, donít just play all your boules and leave your partners to correct the damage!

If a boule needs shooting, go for the shot, none of those chicken shots, donít criticise your partner(s) should they accidentally shoot your own boule.

Have somebody at the jack clearly telling players which boule is on, the view from the circle is often deceptive.

When itís not your turn to play, itís unsporting to disrupt the opponents by walking to the jack, checking boules, measuring 3rd and 4th boules, let the opponents decide if they want to measure - itís their turn to play and their decision.

A reminder of article 17 of the official rules; During the time allowed for a player to throw a boule the spectators and the other players must observe total silence. The opponents must not walk, gesticulate or do anything that could disturb the player about to play. Only his or her team mate/s may stand between the circle and the jack. The opponents must remain beyond the jack or behind the player and, in both cases, to the side of the endís line of play and at a distance of at least 2 metres from the one or the other.

The team about to throw the jack should erase any previous throwing circles located near the new one.

Donít play across another game, rethrow the jack if it strays towards another game.

If you should accidentally play across another game, wait until the other end has finished before shooting.



Membership from January 1st to December 31st, is only £12.00, whether you play 3 times a week or once a year the cost is the same.