Game for 3 players

A Competitive Skills and Tactics Game for Three Players

Not certain where this game originated but I am led to believe that this game was devised for practice sessions, it offers each player opportunities to practice the skills of pointing, shooting and tactical play. Since points are scored, the element of competition is always present.
We enjoy playing the game and have offered it to other clubs who also play it on a regular basis. There are some unclear situations that crop up and we amend the rules accordingly. But it's not that important as it is only for practice and friendly competition.

1. Each end is played by two ‘pointers’ and a ‘shooter’. Each player has three boules. Positions in the opening ends are decided as follows: one player takes the jack together with a boule from each of the three players and drops them on the ground. The two boules nearest to the jack decide the order of play of the ‘pointers’ (A & B) and the furthest away determines the ‘shooter’ (C).

2. The game now proceeds with (A) throwing the jack and pointing a boule.

3. At this stage, both pointers have the services of the shooter for two shots each. (This is the shooter’s only role during that end and he may retrieve any or all of his boules once they have been thrown.

4. Player (B), therefore, has two choices:     either
i.   to point a boule      or
ii.   to ask the shooter to shoot (A)’s boule
If successful, the shooter gains a point. He only needs to touch (A)’s boule, irrespective of the result, to gain a point.

5. Player (A) now has one of two choices (largely depending on the result of 4 above)      either
i.   to point    or
ii.   to nominate a boule to be shot by the shooter.
This may be his own boule or his opponent’s. The shooter may only gain a point by hitting the nominated boule. If he hits any other boule, including any of his own, he does not score.

6. The game between pointers continues. Each pointer must use the shooter twice at some stage in the end but when a pointer has used up the services, for that end, he has the option to shoot for himself during the remainder of the end if he so wishes.

7. The end is finished only when both pointers have thrown all their boules and both have used the services of the shooter twice. Ignoring any shooter boules remaining on the piste, the winning pointer will count his score in the usual way i.e. how many of his boules are nearer the jack than his opponent’s boules.

8. For the next end, the previous winning pointer becomes the leading pointer, the previous shooter becomes the second pointer and the pointer who did not score will become the next shooter.

9. The game continues until one player gains 13 points (or a previously agreed score), all boules must be played before a winner can be declared.
If after all boules have been played there are 2 or more players with 13 points the game continues until a player leads by 2 points.

10. If during an end the jack is knocked out of play the end is restarted but the shooter retains any points already earned in that end.

If you fancy giving the game a try, and require a copy of the rules press the button, a popup window will open - Press the print button at the bottom of the page.


Membership from January 1st to December 31st, is only £12.00 , whether you play 3 times a week or once a year the cost is the same.